spotted  Way-Out Metamorphosis & Associates 

Remembering Lois

My friendship with Lois Charlton grew exponentially when she shared her love of Monarchs, chrysalis transformation, and the 'gold dots' with me.  She was a great inspiration to me and everyone she knew. She is missed!

"Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with a part of another; people are friends in spots."   (G. Santayana)

We were friends in spots!

One day, Lois said to me "I have an angel with a monarch butterfly in her hand.  I'd like to see a picture of her showing the chrysalis what is will become."   The 'Associates' are Willow Tree Angels and they are here as helpers (guards) during the photographic recording of this Way-out Metamorphosis.  Lois was in awe of the new beginning the caterpillar experienced!  Lois was 89 when she stepped into her own 'Way-out Metamorphosis' and herself experienced a new beginning.   Her delight in this transformation lives on in the hearts of everyone who knew her.


A New Beginning!




A Monarch is Born!